Leaders of China and Greece witnessed exchange of the Multilateral Cooperation Agreement of Greece MINOS 50MW CSP project
Release date:2019-11-15

On November 11, Athens time, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis witnessed exchange of the Multilateral Cooperation Agreement of Greece MINOS 50MW CSP project.

On behalf of the financing party, EPC contractor, project developer and local construction team respectively, Chen Siqing, chairman of ICBC, Wang Jianping, chairman of Energy China Group, Kevin Sara, chairman of Nur Energie and Dimitris Bouras, CEO of Prenecon exchanged the abovesaid agreement.

Exchange of the Multilateral Cooperation Agreement 

Along with President Xi’s visit to enhance China-Greece Cooperation, the EPC contract signing ceremony of MINOS 50MW CSP project was held in Athens. Alex Phocas Cosmetatos, CEO of NUR-MINOS, on behalf of the Employer,  Chen Xiangdong, Vice President of CGGC International, together with Li Wei, Vice President of SUPCON SOLAR, on behalf of the Contractor, signed the EPC contract. Kevin Sara, Chairman of Nur Energie, Wang Jianping, Chairman of Energy China Group, Xue Danfeng, Director of International Business of Energy China Group, Lyv Zexiang, Chairman of CGGC International, Yuan Yingli, Vice President of CGGC, Jin Jianxiang, Chairman of SUPCON SOLAR, Zhong Guoqing, Deputy Chairman of SUPCON SOLAR, Dimitris Psaradakis, President of Prenecon, Dimitris and Bouras, CEO of Prenencon attended the ceremony.

EPC Contract Signing Ceremony of MINOS 50MW CSP Project

The MINOS 50MW CSP project is to be the first CSP plant in Greece. It is located in the southeast of Crete Island and configured with 50MW capacity and 5-hour molten salt storage system. The project is expected to satisfy 10% of local power demand and is of great significance to boost the share of clean energy and protect local environment and tourism resource. Over 500 job opportunities will be created during the construction period and 50 long-term jobs will be created for operation of the project. Greek Premier Kyriakos Mitsotakis has highlighted the project as “key green project and strategic investment” during his speech in the International Trade Fair held in Greece in September 2019.

MINOS 50MW CSP Project

The MINOS 50MW CSP Project is to be the first greenfield project of power industry undertaken by Chinese company in Greece, and it is also the first-time overseas presence of China’s CSP industry with complete life cycle of technology, equipment, engineering, capital and operation. The project will incorporate the financing capability of ICBC, independent technology and equipment of SUPCON SOLAR, and rich international project management experience of CGGC.

The MINOS 50MW CSP project is supported by NER300 Program of EU, and listed on “China-Greece Three-year Cooperation Plan” and “China-UK Cooperation Agreement in Third-party Market”. The project is of great strategic significance in enhancing China-Greece and China-Europe relationship and promoting the “Belt and Road Initiative”.