The Monthly Achieving Rate of SUPCON SOLAR Delingha 50MW CSP Plant Hits a New High
Release date:2019-12-29

As of December 25th, 2019, the total power generation of December (from 26th of the preceding month to 25th of the current month) of SUPCON SOLAR Delingha 50MW CSP Plant was 10.844GWh, achieving 97.6% of the expected power generation, which is the highest monthly achieving rate of the plant. 

The operation record shows that the plant worked 24 days in the month (the weather condition of the rest 6 days of the month were snowy and cloudy), among which the single-day achieving rate of 12 days exceeded 100%. The achieving rate of December 8th, in particular, was 111.1%. From December 5th to December 13th, the plant operated continuously for 195.3 hours and generated 5.212GWh electricity with an average achieving rate of 104.8%, setting new records of continuous operation, power generation and achieving rate respectively.

The plant was synchronized to the grid on December 30th, 2018. The major activities of the first half 2019 were trail operation, defect elimination and tests for technical acceptance of CREEI(China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute).

From late July 2019, the plant started operation with steadily improving performance.

In August, for the first time, the power generation exceeded 10GWh and totaled at 10.4498GWh, which accounted for 83.2% of the expected power generation.

In September, due to the routine maintenance of transmission line and the call from State Grid Qinghai Electric Power Company for the maintenance of transmission line, pooling station and step-up station, the plant was forced to stop operation or run at limited load (between 10MW-40MW),which reduced the achieving rate to 44.6% with only 4.963GWh power generation.

From October, the plant started running for performance test. The DNI of the month was 170.9 kWh/㎡ and the power generation was 10.399GWh with achieving rate of 85.6%.

In November, the DNI of the month was 177.74 kWh/㎡ and the power generation was 12.417GWh with achieving rate of 93.38%.

In December, the DNI of the month was 152.42kWh/㎡ and the power generation was 10.844GWh with achieving rate of 97.6%.

Notably, the plant has been running stably with improving performance in the first quarter of performance test (from October to December 2019). The cumulative power generation of the plant reached 33.661GWh of the quarter at DNI 501.06 kWh/㎡, achieving 92.1% of the expected power generation. This figure was well beyond expectation and overlooked the performance of its peers at same stage.

Achieving Rate = Actual Electricity Production / Expected Electricity Production from Performance Model

The designed annual electricity production of SUPCON SOLAR Delingha 50MW CSP Plant is 146GWh under the TMY(Typical Meteorological Year) condition with DNI 2043kWh/㎡. The DNI for the previous quarter was 501.06kWh/㎡,based on the performance model developed by SUPCON SOLAR, the theoretical power generation of the quarter is 36.5569GWh. If calculated in proportion, the theoretical power generation will be 35.8075GWh (146GWh*501.06/2043),which is 2% less than the value based on the performance model. In view of the frequent sunny days of winter in Delingha, the energy conversion efficiency will be higher than expected, which means the deviation will be far less than 2%. Therefore the performance model is featured with high accuracy. 

SUPCON SOLAR Delingha 50MW CSP Plant

SUPCON SOLAR Delingha 50MW CSP Plant