SUPCON SOLAR’s High-precision Intelligent Heliostat was Rated ‘Excellent’ by CSP Services
Release date:2021-01-13

Recently, SUPCON SOLAR’s high-precision intelligent heliostat has passed the quality inspection of CSP Services, a prestigious third-party institution, and obtained the certification report jointly issued by CSP Services and DLR.


△ Certification report of heliostat 

The technical team of CSP Services tested several heliostats installed in different positions of the heliostat field of SUPCON SOLAR Delingha 50MW Molten Salt Tower CSP Plant, and adopted various professional measurements, such as photogrammetry, deflectometry to investigate the deformation of the heliostats in dependence of gravity loads and ambient temperature changes, and used its tracking accuracy test system to test the heliostats. All measurement and data processing procedures used by CSP Services for the current certification are according to the best practices described in the SolarPACES Heliostat Testing Guideline (version 0.995, 09.10.2020), and the measurement parameters and procedure, measurement process, evaluation process and data treatment procedures, CSP Services measurement report have been reviewed by DLR.

CSP Services Certification Report shows that the heliostat is characterized by minor reflector slope deviation and high tracking accuracy. In particular, the tracking performance of the heliostats is considered excellent, which is the best remark by CSP Services when carrying out the third-party test evaluation.

△  High-precision Intelligent Heliostat

The accuracy and operation stability of heliostat directly determine the efficiency of tower CSP plant, and consequently affect electrical generation and profitability of the plant. The heliostat with high reflector precision and tracking accuracy can accurately reflect the sunlight to the designated position of the receiver, improve the facula quality, reduce spillage loss, and effectively improve solar-electric efficiency, so as to improve electrical generation and reduce unit cost. SUPCON SOLAR’s heliostat can track the sun with high accuracy, and solved the tracking drift caused by the changes of inherent property such as mechanical wear and external factors such as environmental and seasonal changes. At present, nearly 60,000 sets of heliostats have been installed in SUPCON SOLAR Delingha 10MW Tower CSP Plant, SUPCON SOLAR Delingha 50MW Tower CSP Plant and POWERCHINA Gonghe 50MW Tower CSP Plant, and all heliostats have sustained harsh working conditions featured with low-temperature, high altitude, strong wind and frequent sand for more than one year. Among these heliostats, some have already operated for over five years. The certification issued by CSP Services has further proved the advanced technology and reliable quality of SUPCON SOLAR’s heliostat.

Background of the CSP Services :

CSP Services, an affiliate to DLR, is an independent private company committed to certification services of products and systems of CSP. It is also a renowned third-party organization in the field of reducing technical risks and improving efficiency of CSP. It is engaged in prototype evaluation, quality assurance, inspection and performance improvement of solar collectors, and has rich experience in measuring technology applicable to solar collectors, and its testing and certification results are widely recognized in the global CSP industry.