Company Name Change Announcement
Release date:2021-08-03

For the sake of strategic growth, with the approval of the shareholders' meeting and Zhejiang Provincial Administration for Market Regulation, Zhejiang Supcon Solar Technology Co., Ltd. has changed its name to Cosin Solar Technology Co., Ltd. (Cosin Solar for short) as of July 28, 2021. It hereby announces that:  

1. Following the renaming, the new logo (as shown in the picture below) will be used simultaneously with the VI system.  

2. The renaming doesn’t change the business entity and legal relationship of the company. All operations, creditor's rights and debts of Zhejiang Supcon Solar Technology Co., Ltd. will be inherited by Cosin Solar Technology Co., Ltd., and all the contracts signed prior to the renaming will remain valid.

3. Starting from the date of this announcement, the name Cosin Solar Technology Co. Ltd. shall be applied to all internal and external documents, materials, invoices, account numbers and tax numbers of the company.

A new name stands for a new starting point. Cosin Solar will stay focused on the R&D and business development of Tower Molten Salt CSP and Integrated Energy Solution based on molten salt energy storage. The company seeks to power the world with cost-effective, high-quality clean energy. 



Cosin Solar Technology Co., Ltd.

July 28,2021