Break the record again! SUPCON SOLAR Delingha 50MW CSP Plant generated 1128.6 MWh electricity in a single day
Release date:2021-09-11

On September 10, SUPCON SOLAR Delingha 50MW Molten Salt Tower CSP Plant refreshed its best daily generation record to 1128.6MWh, following the last record of 1066 MWh just setting two days ago!

The operation record shows that the collected DNI was 9.97kWh/ m², the plant run 24 hours on this day, the maximum load reached 51.26MW. The daily generation reached 1128.6MWh with fulfillment rate of 110.04%, equivalent to run for 22.6 hours at full load within a day, which has reached the limit for the Delingha plant with 7-hour molten salt storage system.

Running records on September 10,2021

SUPCON SOLAR Delingha 50MW Molten Salt Tower CSP Plant, one of China's CSP Demonstration projects, is installed with a 7-hour molten salt storage system and designed to generate 146GWh electricity annually. The project is designed and constructed based on Cosin Solar's fully patented technologies, over 95% equipment are domestically sourced.