The international standard ‘Tower CSP Heliostat Field Control System’ led by Cosin Solar passed the IEC project approval
Release date:2021-12-28

On December 25, 2021, the IEC official website released the voting results of ‘PNW 117-151 ED1: Solar thermal electric plants-Part 4-2: Heliostat field control system’. The international standard has successfully passed the voting of the New Work Item Proposal (NP).

‘Tower CSP Heliostat Field Control System’ is the fourth standard proposal put forward by China in the International Electro technical Commission/Solar Thermal Power Station Technical Committee (IEC/TC117). It is led by Cosin Solar Technology Co.,Ltd., and Jin Jianxiang, the chairman and chief engineer, convened the establishment of a working group as the project leader. The proposal attracted the participation of experts from countries including the United States, France, Germany, Russia, Japan, South Korea, etc.. 10 countries in total responded to the proposal and all voted in favor. In the next stage, the working group will further improve the standard text in accordance with the revision comments raised by the experts, and strive for its publication as soon as possible.

This standard is a core technical standard for Tower CSP and plays an important role in the IEC standard system. The standard mainly stipulates the technical requirements including the tower control system structure, data collection and interaction, heliostat field control, safety protection, communication, synchronization, man-machine interface, data storage, reliability, detection methods, detection rules, etc..