CNPEC Awarded Solar Field and MSR System to Cosin Solar for CGN New Energy Jixilugu DC 490MW Hybrid Project
Release date:2022-11-17

On November 11, 2022, we received the "Notification of Award" from China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., LTD. (“CNPEC”), confirming that we have won the bid for Solar Field and MSR System equipment supply for the CGN New Energy Jilin Daan Jixilugu DC 490MW Hybrid Project (“Project”), in other words, we will provide advanced Solar field and MSR system and related services for the 100MW CSP part out of the project.

As one of the units of the Jixi Base Jixilugu DC 1.4GW Hybrid Project, the Project has a total installed capacity of 490MW, including 130MW PV, 260MW wind power and 100 MW tower CSP. The 100MW CT CSP, with an 8-hour molten salt thermal storage, will adopt the solar thermal tower technology fully developed by Cosin Solar. Using curtailed PV power to heat molten salt, the project will become a hybrid power plant optimizing utilization of CSP, PV and wind power based on demand curve.

Jixilugu DC 1.4GW Hybrid Project, being one of the first batch of China’s PV+CSP+Wind hybrid projects developed on Gobi Desert and desert areas, represents China’s exploration on a new development patch of "CSP+new energy". Leveraging experiences of Cosin Solar in developing and constructing the first batch of CSP demonstration projects in China, the Project will use CSP technology with energy storage to shave peaks after completion.